Friday, April 10, 2009

even with all the signs in the world
pointing us in different directions,
sometimes we still can only guess which way to go
and hope for the best.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Char said...

have a beautiful weekend!!! and this is so true - keep striving for the up.

PSUMommy said...

I know this all too well.

Have a wonderfull weekend and a great Easter!

Heidi said...

so true. and hope for the best...absolutely!

mrntm said...

proceed with joy and embrace the mystery

Cait said...

Happy Easter! Wishing you lots of fun with everyone. Beautiful pic, too.

LMN said...

Yay! So it is Saturday morning, and my sis is doing well, and mama bird is feeding baby bird so all is well in our little Ridgecrest, CA cocoon, and I am catching up on my favorite BLOGS! What fun! And what fun to see so much good stuff that I've been missing out on this past week.

Hope your April is going wonderfully. And as always, love the photo!