Monday, April 20, 2009

help please

i seem to have misplaced my sense of humor.
have you seen it anywhere?
i can't remember the last time i saw it.
but if you may have borrowed it
please return it.
i am in desperate need of it.

some other things i have lost and wish i could find again:

1. reasons why i should eat right and exercise
2. my youth
3. a positive outlook on life
4. confidence in my abilities
5. compassion for bad drivers
6. stable hormone levels
7. sleep
8. my memory
9. good eyesight
10. the cap from the toothpaste tube

you can see that i'm really in a difficult spot.
so please, let me know if you've seen that sense of humor.

hope your day is full of humor and found things.
happy monday.


Linda Sue said...

I have lost everything - it is such a freedom- took some getting used to especially the hormone thing which just kicked my ass around town! I quit being who I was and now I am in the middle of a whole different self...just when I get used to this one someone else will show up with a walker or a stroke or some other way of being and I will lose this self which I am becoming more fond of as I go. What i have gained is not equivalent to what has been lost but that is just my perspective....somebody else (husband) may see my new found calm, altruism,quiet demeanor, as a most positive change...destroy mirrors or just aim them overhead, wear sensible clothing .

PSUMommy said...

All of these except for #10...perhaps our extra one is your missing one. I'll be right down to drop it off!

Hugs. I wish I could help you feel better!

( word verfication word is 'upers'...)

PSUMommy said...

My comment should start with "I'm missing..."...oops...

Char said...

I'm missing my hearing (because of an ear infection) and my eyesight. A sense of humor I have - is there something I could do to tickle yours?

Heidi said...

This made me laugh a little, so your humor isn't too far away. I'm not laughing at you by the way. I'm laughing with you because I get it.

Thinking of you, bloggy friend.

LMN said...

I think it must have run away with mine! Naughty naughty kids. Probably filled a break sack with cookies and aren't planning on returning any time soon. But in the meantime, popcorn and movies for our humourless selves? That always fixes things, right? A good old fashioned funny movie?

LMN said...

I can never spell on Fridays.

"Bread sack" not "break sack." Gosh!

But I purposely spell humour with a "U" because it's funnier that way.

Even though I'm not British. Pearce (surname) is welsh, though, does that count?

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

your list looks so much like mine :)

i hope you find all the things you're looking for soon!