Wednesday, April 22, 2009

do you think we're ever balanced?
or do you think that we're always swaying back and forth
a bit trying to gain equilibrium.
"Balance is a harmony in which the various parts form a whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense of the rest"
so how do we do that?
i know that i'm never dead-on balanced.
and yet, balance is what i hear all the time
as something i should be.

maybe my inability to become balanced is completely balanced?


Char said...

I had to laugh at the last line - I think balance is a fluid state and not one place in particular. We work to achieve balance for that moment and then it moves again - like the ship sailing forward.

Summer said...

Very good post..I'm with Char..;D

Cait said...

It might be impossible to be balanced in such a turblant world..but you have to take it as a dance, I suppose. Quick steps, then slow, ready to catch that ball. Yeah, vitimins help too.

Solo said...

I think it's like a step on a dance,sway when it's needed,stop when when we need to stop.Do things balance..;D

LMN said...

Yes, I agree. My BF Luke said to me one day, "If I hear you say the word balance one more time .... (!)" I can't exactly remember how it ended. But it was in response to my lamenting that we need to find "balance" in life, and it feels like I am always TRYING to get there, and never really THERE. Hmm.. Maybe that is my balance. Like you mention. Hadn't ever thought of it that way. Kind of like being lopsided. Or strange being beautiful. Still a balance, just a different kind.

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

balance is something i've been chasing for so long. so long, in fact, that i feel completely exhausted by the chase lately...uggh. i love char's words here in the comments, though...and the way cait called it a dance....a couple of different and useful ways for me to look at it.

Heidi said...

maybe my inability to become balanced is completely balanced?

Yes, I think that is true. It's like normal. We can never really achieve that either. What's normal for you is like what is balanced to 2 cents. :)