Tuesday, June 9, 2009

today i would like to declare as "tell me the color that your toenails are" day.
what color are you sporting right at this very moment?
and no generic names, either.
how about some big time descriptions
just to spice things up a bit.

what color are mine?

i would say they are "been way too freaking long since i had a pedicure because they sure have seen better days but hey, haven't had the time to get to the salon lately so i'm just limping along with what used to be pretty ruby red with a touch of pink" color.
does OPI sell that?
probably not.

so tell me, what color are your toenails?


Linda Sue said...

Black. From my shoes which are black. I had a pedicure once but found it irritating, though the blue polish on the nails lasted all summer!

3yearshousewife said...

Mine the original one.

marjean said...

"Megawatt Mauve"! I never get a pedicure...too embarrassed to have someone have a close up view of my toenails. Besides I'm a "do it yourself kind of girl"

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

i got just a little tired of reddish pink that i keep on my toes 90% of the time and went for an off-white this time. actually, i was trying to go natural, but the reddish pink had stained my nails...lol! so, i resorted to painting them a "natural" color....sounds a little crazy,huh? :-D

Joan Hanna said...

OPI's Light My Sapphire ... black with just the slightest hint of purple! But I'll probably change to Black Onyx since I am doing my nails right now!

PSUMommy said...

Mine are "I Have Four Kids But For Some Stupid Reason I Decided To Paint Them Wet'n'Wild Pink So They're Mostly Flaked Off But I Don't Have Time To Fix Them" pink.

Except that I could have done it in the time it just too for me to reply to this. So I suppose it's more of a priority thing.

Taiya said...

My toenails are The-Color-Of-That-Nail-Polish-That-You-Have-Had-Since-You-Were-Fourteen-Buy_Some-New-You-Cheapskate-Taiya. (i'm Taiya) In case you were wondering what shade that is? It is like maroonish. Yep.

mrntm said...

mine are guys usually don't wear make up unless they're rock stars,girls shouldn't have all the fun- i painted mine for secret shower showings so I can feel like a rock star green

Cait said...

Oh..no nail polish for me. I can't wear open toe stuff at work and I just haven't gotten into doing my toes yet. Just too tired. I guess.

I like it when my boyfriend paints my toenails and usually it silver or purple.

keli.h said...

chipped ;)

LMN said...

Mine are apple awning red. But more like chipped apple awning red (it too has been a long time since I've seen an official salon!) oh well, working in the garden would ruin even a salon job, so I'll just have to make do.

Love your photo, as always!!