Wednesday, June 17, 2009

have you ever been lost in a conversation with a compulsive talker?
someone who goes on and on
and then you find your mind drifting off thinking about what
you need to buy at the grocery store
and if you remembered to put on underwear today
and all the little errands you need to run
and geez i wish i could somehow work this piece of lettuce out of my teeth
and does it look like i'm listening because i really have no idea what you're talking about
but i can still maintain eye contact and look convincing
and wait
was that a little pug dog that just walked by?
because i think they are so cute
i think i have to go to the bathroom
good gawd it's hot out here
i really can't wait to take these shoes off
what are we doing this weekend anyways?
if i don't clean my house, it's going to be consumed by one ginormous massive dog hairball.

and then you realize.
you're a compulsive inner talker


happy friday all!


3yearshousewife said...

Hahaha, I've been in that situation lots of time before. Did the same thing like you with lots of yeah, yeah, yeah inbetween.

marjean said...

Happens all the time!

kendalee said...

Oh yes! Been there... And yes, my inner voice is a pretty compulsive chatterer sometimes. This really made me smile.

Cait said...

oh..yes..all the time in my line of work. I'm so good at asking the wrong question and then I get an ear full..the worst conversation I had was with a co-worker was deep into something she was telling me and lost her train of thought and put me on the spot to ask me what she was talking about..and I didn't know.

Have a good weekend. A bit stormy here, but hopefully, that's over.

Grey Street Girl said...

Oh, I think you just described me perfectly, dog hair and all!

I so very much love that picture! Great color!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

omg...toooo funny! and soooo true!

my neighbor fits the bill for someone who never shuts up....and i do this same routine in my head when he's talk, talk, talking - and i'm nodding my head while mumbling mmm...hmmm...

i just hope i look convincing, because it can seriously drag on for hours....sheesh! good thing i like my own compulsive inner talker! ;D

this post made me smile, too :D
have a great weekend, d!

Char said...

LOL yes...I've been there - both the talker and the listener (though more often the listener). it reminds me of patience.

Heidi said...

This was great!! And, yes, I've done this LOTS!!!