Tuesday, June 23, 2009

another ridiculous ode

oh lenscap, lenscap
you frustrate me so
whenever i can't find you
i never know where to go.
i take you away from your home
and away i do roam
all the while never caring
while through the lens i am staring
i really do love you
for your worth is immense
and why i can't remember where i put you,
makes absolutely no sense
except that i am certainly dense.

can you photographers out there relate?
as for me?
i'm just boneheaded.


Char said...

no, I so relate and lamenting I lost my cap to the 85mm and have to buy a new one.

Linda Sue said...

boneheaded but pink in the middle! Lens caps should be the size of hubcaps then- no problem! It's their oversight not yours...

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

oh my....lens caps and external flash covers - SO hard to keep up with!

love this :D

Cait said...

They can be hard to keep up with. They are precious...for what they do for the lens.

Linda Sue said...

AND another thing- what have you got against squirrel underpants?

LMN said...

Aaah! Yes yes yes yes YES! In my pocket. In the side pocket of my bag. In my purse. In my bra one time when I had no pockets! I so related. So necessary, but then when you go looking for it, it can hide pretty darn well!

As for Luke, YES hugs from bloggy friends help!! I just had to let Luke know ... he is missed ... but not that he ever checks my blog. ;)

LMN said...

"Relate" not "related." As always, going too fast!!

Happy Wednesday to you, Dawn. Thanks, as always, for your sweet comments!

kendalee said...

I don't have a lens cap (don't have that kind of camera yet) but this is exactly the sort of thing I'd do if I did, so it made me smile. And what a GREAT ode!

So glad you made it to our picnic today Dawn! It was lovely to see you and I hope you had a bite to eat and a glass of bubbly while you were there... :)

Cindy said...

ah yes, sigh... always losing that thing! Nice poem!

Taiya said...

I can completely relate! I find my lens caps in such obscure places after I lose them. I absentmindedly take my cap off and get to snapping and then I have no idea where I put it!