Monday, June 22, 2009

funny words

1. jaunty.jaunty used in conjunction with other words like hat, path, walk but especially hat. "a jaunty little hat perched on his head".
2. flick
3. spew
4. luncheonette. why aren't there breakfastettes and dinnerettes? why luncheonette?
5. merriment
6. bobby pins. why are they named bobby pins? they're not really pins. and why bobby? why not betty? or boris? or possibly not even a "b" name at all?
7. devil's food cake. why food cake? isn't that redundant? and why do devils and angels have cakes named after them? how come there isn't an average joe food cake?
8. underpants. underpants is just funny. there is no dignity in the word underpants.
9. cocky
10. ostentatious. just using the word ostentatious is ostentatious.

how about some others?


myinspired♥{sandra} said...

too really makes you wonder! i think a funny word is the one awaiting my verification!

Char said...

:) and it would seem devil's food would be something hot and spicy.

marjean said...

I love using the word-smidgen... meaning a small bit or amount.

Heidi said...

I love jaunty. How about peculiar and kaleidoscope and snarky? I don't think snarky is an actual word, but I love it and use it often.

Cait said...

Wyle Coyote, Gomer Pyle, Barney just knew they'd be funny with those kind of names...and the all time names that always got my brother in trouble for teaching his class mates to write..poop.. in Kindergarten..and later I knew it was him who wrote penis on the goal post at school in 6th grade.

kendalee said...

GREAT post Dawn! I love funny words. Have you noticed how if you repeat them enough, most words become funny? I think stocking is a funny word, no idea why. And beetle, especially used as a verb.

PSUMommy said...

I think 'shindig' is funny. And 'spunky'. And 'onomatopoeia'.

And my word verification is 'suctivey'. I might have to coin that one.

LMN said...

ha ha ha!! I love this list!! Yes, absolutely yes to number 10! AND, I am totally with you on underpants. Some friends and I just had a big discussion about that silly word the other day. "Underpants." It's like something that is supposed to be hidden trying to get dressed up. I prefer the british version: "pants." However one must be clear while visiting there, that there is only ONE kind of pants. The under kind. Otherwise it really could be a silly mixup.