Tuesday, May 12, 2009

where has elegance gone to?
i for one, never had it.
i'm like a bull in a china closet.
refined escaped me.
but i do have an appreciation for it.

i think elegance is lovely.
but for me, it's lovely from afar.
and that's okay.
i'm one of those that tends to eat before i set the table.

have an elegant tuesday!


myinspired♥{sandra} said...

i love elegance, too....from afar! i completely relate and i love eating before i set the table! it's much more fun that way :)

Char said...

beautiful - I love elegance and try to have it..but sometimes it can be very exhausting. :)

Taiya said...

I fit in that "from afar" category, also. Never fear, you have company there.

Heidi said...

I absolutely am one who eats before the table is set. That made me laugh.

You are elegant. Just because you're a "bull in a china closet" doesn't mean you aren't elegant. You just are.

Tracy said...

Tee-heeing over this one. You are far more elegant than you realize, D. Oh and also! Everybody knows that calories consumed while standing up do not count, so there you go. xxoo
Also! Give me that cup, K? ;)

kendalee said...

That's some very elegant china you have in your closet - beautiful! I think I could be elegant but I'm too lazy and food just seems to taste better if eaten before the table's set! :)

LMN said...

But isn't there an elegance in the sense of whimsy and enjoyment that might from time to time include eating on your feet? I think so!!

Cait said...

I am that way too..about setting the table. I'm afraid. But its nice to have a little tea party ever so often..even if its for yourself.

3yearshousewife said...

Your writing is elegant...I like.