Saturday, May 2, 2009

stop your world
open your mind
listen intently
speak thoughtfully
look deeply

happy weekend!


Sue said...

I just love your blog....just love it!!

Anonymous said...

I needed those words more than you can even imagine, D. So lovely.

Oh, and you've been tagged. Do it here or on flickr or on facebook or anywhere that I stalk... er follow you. Id just love to hear your insights on mommyhood!

Cait said...

Oh..I so need some sleep. Work was just hard today. Its just I have a fear of coming down with something..and every little signal I feel..oh no..could it be..couldn't be. So hard to feel worry free when you have people coughing on you and handing in books to check in.

Heidi said...

Beautiful words. Words I needed to see. Thank you.

Char said...

happy weekend!! gorgeous shot and on flickr too

Cait said...

Thanks for cheering me up..Hopefully, the Soloist tomorrow.

We had our cinco de mayo celbration tonight at my folks. My brother cooked for us. It was fun and very good.

Have you heard of the "art house" film that Robert Pattinson is in from Twlight. It looks interesting.

kendalee said...

Wise words + beautiful photograph = great post! Thank you!

LMN said...

Such simple words, but so hard to do at times! What a wonderful thought for a weekend, though! I need one of those weekends, VERY SOON! My past few have been fun, busy, energetic, but a little time for quiet and reverence would be good. Hope yours was wonderful!