Wednesday, May 20, 2009

dear junk food,

i miss you.
i don't succumb to your pleasure anymore
and it hurts.
it hurts so very bad.
but i want you to know that i still ove you.
i really, really
and although i don't partake in your sugary laden empty calories orgasmic yummy pure pleasureness,
i dream about you.
and they are such sweet dreams.

your most brokenhearted friend,


Heidi said...

i'm sorry. this must really hurt. :(

3yearshousewife said...

What a challenge! Hope your broken heart will mend soon.

Char said...

oh no!!

hope it's not goodbye forever

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

oh my...i can SO relate!
it's so difficult, isn't it?

LMN said...

oh my gosh, that made me laugh. Not because of your pain, oh no (!), but because I am in the same boat. Counting calories at the moment, writing everything down, wishing instead I could just run off and eat cupcakes and doritos (why I crave doritos even though I never eat them I will never know). "GJ" as Luke and I say: GOOD JOB. Keep up the good work, even though it is OH SO HARD!!!

PSUMommy said...

We're cutting out junk food, too. ...I won't tell you what's sitting next to my computer right now. And also making my stomach hurt.

Vedrana M. said...

:)) beautiful photo! xoxo

p.s. check out my blog -i'm, having a giveaway

Linda Sue said...

What a lonely little cuppy cake! You're mean...little cuppy cake- poor thing- see the sugary tears.

Cait said...

Just think of so many things your body is thanking you for..first the teeth, then your blood sugar and lets not forget those hips.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

kendalee said...

Brave girl! :)

cait said...

Thanks so much for the notes. Its good to hear from you. Thanks for making my day. I'm starting to think I enjoy making Dayton miserable.

Its all cloudy out...we are waiting for storms, but I don't think it'll be anything too bad. Hopefully I can get my DVD player to work so I can see this movie I need to get back to the library. "Then she found me" with Colin Firth. I did finally see Vicki Christina Barcelona. Its interesting. I'm not sure I completely liked it. Scarlette was so Woody Allan. I do like Javier once again. I have been scared of him since No Country for Old Men.

I hope you guys have a dry day tomorrow.