Monday, May 18, 2009

seeking or releasing.
which one resonates more for you these days?

and in seeking, do we thereby release?
and vice versa?

mr. ntm and i were having this discussion yesterday at starbucks.
for me, i'd have to say it's more about the releasing
but i have been about releasing for a while now.
and in releasing,
i feel like the seeking is at bay.
because the releasing has uncovered things in me that
i thought didn't exist
or had long been lost.
not to say that i won't seek anymore.
i have lots to seek.
but releasing seems much more for me...

at least for today.

would love to hear what you think.
happy monday!


Char said...

they definitely are something that follow each other - seeking the sources of pain, inspiration, happiness and the release of the emotion. sometimes we're driven to release and have no idea why until it's released. but a separate but harmonious at times relationship.

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

i do think the seeking and releasing go hand in hand. i've been on the releasing end lately, but although i haven't been "seeking," i certainly have discovered things i didn't know about myself through the act of "releasing."

hmmmm....lots to think about,huh!
great post :)

Heidi said...

I agree with Char and Sandra - they follow each other, they go hand in hand.

I am definitely doing both these days. As I'm releasing it's almost like I can't help but seek. Releasing is healing, I think. And as I'm recovering and healing I find myself taking a step and discovering something new.

Way to make me think on a Monday morning! I'm so glad you're around, Dawn. I really loved this post and wish you well on your journey of releasing and seeking.


Heidi said...

Ummm...that would be a Tuesday morning. It's Tuesday today. Scattered much?

Summer said...

Uhhmmm you made me This is a great post friend,but maybe i will just agree with myinspired♥{sandra}..=) Looking forward on your next post.Have a great day.=)

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clover said...

Maybe sometimes they do not go hand in hand. It depends on the circumstance and it depends on how you define it. Too much releasing and where do you get the fire in the belly for real, true seeking. I don't think that Gandhi "released" his outrage over what the British were doing but he was able to channel it constructively. If it hurts, it means you love a great deal, and I wouldn't trade that for all the mental health in the world.

I say seek with abandon and recognize that the ultimate answer will always allude you. Meanwhile, release carefully.

LMN said...

Releasing a lot lately, too, though as your post suggests, these two things - seeking/releasing - DO seem to go hand in hand.

Whether releasing is the same thing as creating, I am not sure. Creating is what I've been doing lately.

Love the thoughts your post conjures!

blue hearts said...

gorgeous pic..and even lovelier words. hope you are having a good week. warm and windy here.

kendalee said...

I'm not sure, but you've inspired me to give it some thought. And also, is the mode I'm in, whichever it is, serving me well?

Thanks for the thought-provoking question. Sorry I can't provide an answer right now but when I figure it out, I'll be back... :)