Tuesday, October 21, 2008

self portrait tuesday

october's challenge is mirrors

dear dawn,

i don't take your words from last week personally. i know you're having a little trouble wrapping your brain around the fact that you're going to be another year older in just a few days.
so in order to help you prepare for the big day, i've decided that i'm going to reflect you in the finest birthday regalia a girl ever had until you warm up to the idea of this birthday thing.

your friend,
the mirror

p.s. i was built in 1936 so i'm way older than you. it's really not that bad


mia said...

This is funny! I love it! I makes me smile, thanks for that.

blue hearts said...

you're so wonderful. and so young still. have a happy day everyday.

thanks much for reading my blog and commenting, too.

Tracy said...

Oh, go ahead and put on your airs for your unsuspecting peeps on the innernets! Some of us REALLY know that you wear that freakin' tiara every day, everywhere you go! Sheesh. . .the stares we get at Starbucks. . .

Heidi said...

This is a sweet photo. Tiaras and candles should always be a must for every birthday I think.

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful, you look beautiful :)
just celebrate!

jenica said...

happy birthday beautiful. yes, you are beautiful, very!