Tuesday, October 14, 2008

self portrait tuesday

october's challenge is mirrors

dear mirror,

sometimes it's easier not to look into you.
it can be very difficult at times.... something i'd rather not do.
looking anywhere but at you....fleeing from you.

i'm doing the best i can with our relationship.

sincerely yours,


SecretAgentMama said...

I love the movement in this!

PSUMommy said...

What a cool photo, it looks like you're dancing!

Jeremy Stockwell said...

Yes -- the motion here is excellent. Love the angle, too. Well done!

bella said...

Very nice! I can relate to what you're saying.. my relationship with my mirror isn't the best either!

Tracy said...

Dear Dawn,
I love looking back at you. It totally makes my day. Too bad I can't reflect your inner beauty, which is equally as dazzling.

The Mirror
(not really--it's Tracy. But I'm channelling the mirror, m'kay?)

My Inspired Heart said...

love the movement and your thoughts. Very well done!!