Thursday, October 16, 2008

one must never, ever, ever park in the middle of a soybean field.

i am always on the hunt to catch a photo of the cows in the nearby pasture when they're taking a little dunk in the pond. my sister-in-law loves that funny scene too and i have tried my best to capture it for her but with no luck so far. saturday morning i was passing by the pasture which i do practically every day and the pond was clear of cows, but there was one lone cow standing next to a tree. i thought i'd stop and get a picture of him because he looked so regal standing there looking straight towards the road, standing proudly, tail switching. but as i drove by looking for a safe place to stop, i noticed that another cow was laying right next to him on his side. i didn't see him at first because of the tall grass. i knew that he was probably dead.

there's no telling how long that sweet cow had stood there next to his friend. watching over him. did he witness this passing? how do animals know?
when i looked out to the far pasture, i could see the farmer coming with the flatbed truck.

i hope that when that cow dies, someone will stand next to him just as he did for his friend.


blue hearts said...

That last line is so interesting. Its really more deep than I thought when I first read it.

Love the photos.

Tracy said...

sweet, sweet story.
Me love them morning glories, too.

Heidi said...

dawn, I just tagged you! (in my comments section)

jenica said...

animals are amazing. when my friend's puppies were born the mama had gone out into a field away from the house. the daddy started barking like CRAZY until my friend came out. he's the massive black lab but he ran immediately over to where one of the little puppies was and stood vigilently until help came. it was so sweet.