Thursday, October 23, 2008

could it be possible?

it's a miracle, but i think i'm finally getting some of this photography stuff down.
just a little bit.
i'm not feeling totally confident about it, but i think a few basics are actually seeping in. it just seemed to make more sense last night during class. i've been waiting a while for that to happen. i'm probably the most undisciplined person in the world and being forced to use my camera without benefit of pre-set modes has been the best thing for me. i actually know how to manipulate settings manually and can guess with some accuracy how they'll turn out. plus it doesn't hurt to have an extremely patient and sweet brother in law who just happens to be a photographer guru and will answer my endless questions. i thank him for that

living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks..


blue hearts said...

Love picture of the stool. Oh, well, at least you don't have to develop the film the old fashioned way. My Mom took pics of my Dad for her portrait and well, when she was developing the film, she lost it in the dark and accidently stepped on it. There is a very cool pick of my dad with him in a black shirt and its open and then there is this white streak or two on the black. There is something so punk about the picture. Anyway, I don't think she made the grade, but I'm glad she has that picture of him when he was pretty and cool and you could tell why he was her boyfriend.

Me and all this shirtlessness going on..hahaha..thanks so much for reading and the comment. All the best on those photos.

Tony Holowitz said...

We teach old dogs new tricks at Thought you might find this interesting.

My Inspired Heart said...

Isn't photography so fun to learn! And, it's also true that it takes an insane amount of practice, then the practice becomes an addiction, then people think you're crazy because you're wearing your camera around your neck all.the.time., you start taking photos of every single detail that touches you, then there's flickr to keep you up at night....phew! I love every second of it!

Oh, and have you tried Picnik? Another reason to get no sleep :)