Saturday, September 6, 2008

what is it like to be the p.b. kid?

we lay on our bed and watch our pretty, pretty gold lamp make great shadows on the wall while it flutters in the breeze

we leave our shoes on the stairs

we accessorize with abandon and flair

our phone makes a lot of obnoxious noises as our friends text us non-stop

we work hard, we play hard, we find our way in this sometimes confusing world.

we have a mom that loves us deeply


jenna said...

i LOVE looking at and reading your blog! I especially like this one! you are the mom of all moms and your love for your p.b. kid and your life is inspiring!!!
Maybe one day I can be as cool as you :)

dawn said...

jenna, i can't thank you enough for your really, really kind comment. i hope you get a blog up soon so i can read yours also and wish i was as cool as you too! :)