Sunday, September 21, 2008

what do dogs think about?

probably not if their fur makes them look fat. or if gas will ever be below three dollars a gallon anymore. i doubt that they're stressing over the political climate or the sad economic outlook these days. no, i bet they don't think about those things.

but what do they think about? because with soulful eyes like these, they have to be thinking about something...


My Inspired Heart said...

They have to be wondering how they got so stinkin' cute! Especially little #4 :)

clover said...

Wouldn't we love to know. I like to think that it's a consciousness at least as rich and profound as our own ... just really different. If science ever discovers a way to "mind meld" I'd love to experience the world through their eyes for a brief time ...Well, maybe not the eyes (and tongue) of your little corgi.

twntygreydays said...

the top one , looks like he is thinking ...did you eat? are you eating , that shade of lipstick looks nice ( that looks like a sensetive dog. the second one is asking do you have a taco , or fried chicken ?
the third one ♥ lots of ♥

and the last one is thinking Door door door Door

i remember you from Flickr ( i seen your watermark) i like your blog