Thursday, August 27, 2009

when i was young,
absolutely no one i ever knew or met was named dawn.
and i hated my name.
i would ask my parents why on earth they ever named me dawn?
i learned my father was the culprit.
he named me after a belly dancer.


but as i've gotten older,
i've begun to embrace my name.
i guess you could say that i've grown into my name.
and sometimes it can be pretty fun.
recently, i was just thinking of all the fun things i could do with
the word dawn.
that i could actually interchange dawn with myself.
and all the things that i can do, be or describe.

the me of a new day
the break of me
the crack of me
it me'd on me
me of the dead
the me of reasoning
the me of a new age
the me of a new era
the me of a modern age

and finally,
me. i cut the grease out.

not such a bad name afterall.
even if it did come from a bellydancer.


Cait said...

hahahhaa...bellydancer. See, I wish I was one.

I think we all feel these pangs with our name. I'm so glad you shared it with us. Such a fun pic too.

Linda Sue said...

"Crack" hahaha My sister in law is named belly dancer, no sense of humour just DAWN! More like DON!You are the best Dawn in the universe- I know this because I know all two of you...
Nice photo!

Tracy said...

Bwahahahahaa! Love the pic, too, but we don't really need to see the pictorial from you and Mr. NTM's little kinky role-playing games. Hee.

Screenplays for Sale said...

That is truly scary!

Goddess Leonie * said...

i adore your name! my first horse was a sweet brown pony named dawn... she is such a star in my heart *

Heidi said...

Loved this.

Your dad had guts naming after you a belly dancer! I love stories behind names and this is a great one.

Leia said...

"The crack of me"...haha!
I went to school with a girl named Dawn and I always thought it was a very free spirited, romantic name.

LMN said...

That is seriously great. Both the post AND your name.

I'm a shrub. Sigh.

sarah in pisces water said...

I once knew a girl named Misty Dawn. I like it, Dawn. Think of it, it's just beautiful. Like you.