Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i want to laugh more heartily
when my world gets too serious.

i want to sleep more soundly
when my world gets tiring.

i want to think more logically
when my world seems chaotic.

i want to live life larger
when my world gets too small.

i want to reach out more often
when i feel i don't have anything left to give.


Char said...

we are all a bundle of contradictions, aren't we? it keeps life interesting I think.

Heidi said...

I love, LOVE this photo. How do you do it? It's really stunning.

Beautiful words and thoughts, Dawn. Me too. Me too.

Cait said...

I really loved this one!

I haven't seen Julie & Julia yet, but I'm suppose to go with some co-workers soon.

I did see 500 days of Summer. It was not a romance. But I really liked it. Just goes to show that Joseph Gordon-Levitts is a wonderful actor. Such a great range of emotions.

Solo said...

Awesome piece! I love the last line..=D

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Linda Sue said...

Are you on vacation or are you dead- if you are on vaca- don't bother to reply but if you are dead i want to hear about it!
Miss you!

Cait said...

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend. I did see Julie & Julia. It was so much more fun that I expected.

Kelli said...

Great photo and words.
We sure need to slow down and take care of ourselves sometimes, don't we?

LMN said...

Ooh! I really really love this, and the photo, too.

Especially the being more logical part. I KNOW I have a logical/analytical part to me when I am at work, for instance.

But why, oh why, in the middle of a difficult personal conversation does the EMOTIONS part take over and logic goes flying out the window?

I guess it would just be too easy if I was logical all the time. And perhaps not much fun.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and photos. Love them!