Wednesday, August 5, 2009

tell me
how far does the sky reach?
do you think that clouds ever feel competition with the sky?
maybe they show off just a bit at times?
for they know they can't compete with sky's limitless reach
to me though, they make up for it
with their dramatic allure.


Cait said...

Such a lovely picture & lovely words too. Thanks so much for the note and reading, too. I do appreciate it.

I really liked Away we Go. I guess the Ugly truth is on my list..but I must see 500 days of April. Joseph Gordon Levitt's is one of my favorite actors. It is nice to see him play the leading man in a romance. He reminds one of Heath Ledger, but this guy I think has a cool head on him. He's really much more of an activist in social society and hasn't fallen into the Hollywood crowd. Instead, he's been in some great indie films. Secret Skin has to be one of his best although, it is rather gritty and isn't perhaps for everyone, another that stands out is about a kid who ends up in this rehab place over his anger issues. He starred opposite of Zoey who he's with in this film. I'm thinking the name was Havoc, but I might be wrong. Brick and The Lookout are also really good films of his too. Of course, there is Julie & Julia which we plan to all see at work together & hopefully, I'll get to the Ugly Truth. I'm still not sure its as wonderful as they say. I did find The Proposal good fun.

I've been under the weather with an ear infection, but I'm better.

I guess in the story...I never thought Dayton would end up at the library.

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer.

Cait said...

oops..500 days of Summer. Why was I thinking April???

Char said...

gorgeous color

LMN said...

That is such a beautiful picture. Wish I could have seen that scene live. Wow.

Yes, clouds are amazing. Always new and always different.

LMN said...

P.S. - Dawn, your bubble post below was so in tune with a photographer's blog I follow - look at this one, which was actually her SECOND bubble post. She links to the first one inside this one:

So fun!

kendalee said...

I like to think that the sky and the clouds know that they are each more beautiful in relation to the other and work best together... but that's probably just a projection of how I wish the world could be ;)

I'm so sorry that you're also churning Dawn, and I'll send you good energy too! I do believe that if we can just keep our heads above water, the tide will eventually turn. Keep swimming!!!

keli.h said...

oh dawn, this is just amazing. beautiful. wish i could have been there, too!!

unless it was early morning.

then i don't. ;)

3yearshousewife said...

Beautiful shot.

Heidi said...

I love clouds and the shapes they twist themselves into. This is beautiful.

MotherEarth said...

I can't believe it, I have just had a conversation with my husband about the wonders of nature and I was wondering how far does the sky actually reach.On browsing the internet for no particular purpose I cam across your blog! Amazing! I love cloud watching and think your picture is beautiful,and the words so lovely. Thanks Dawn you've made my day.