Sunday, November 23, 2008

feeling existential today

how do we know we're in the present?
and just what is the future anyhow?
how can two people grow up in the same house with the same people and have two completely different perceptions of that experience?
do you believe that our greatest lessons come from the relationships we have in our lives?


Cait said...

Oh..the magic of two worlds colliding. Usually, when I write I do my best to gather what I've learned from others. What I've seen, recognized in their world & yet, I'm sure I barely hit the surfice (which I can not spell at the moment I'm sure) I think of my grandfather telling me something about how he wanted to braid a whip..but it took him hours of thought in order to do it..and all that time I was sure he was conjuring up a funny story to tell me about a pig or a dog out on his farm. I guess those tales just came natural to him.

What a beautiful picture.

ellie's kyle said...

I have to admit I must grow a forest on my legs during the winter.

What a beautiful picture. Those are such good questions. I will look at how friends handle such situations in their lives and wonder how I'd handle it. Sometimes, a lot differently.

Recently, I met this boy at the lib. And he looked pretty much ok to me. We talked about movies and music. The next thing I know I hear his mother tell the library clerk he's her mentally challenged son. I really felt bad for him that he had to listen to her say that about him. And he was so different around her. One person can certainly change a perspective just in passing.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Heidi said...

That is so true - my brother and I have had vastly different experiences in our house. It's fascinating and sad all at the same time.
And, yes, to your last question not to mention that finicky relationship with ourselves. The people in my life are like mirrors to me sometimes and the reflection is always interesting.