Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy clothes

don't necessarily make a happy person.

maybe she wasn't happy because she didn't get to do what she expected to be doing that day.
or maybe she had a fight with a friend, or maybe it was because she didn't feel good.
maybe she was happy, but just not happy at that particular moment.
or maybe she had had the best day of her entire life, until i asked to take her picture, and then her entire day was ruined.
all because i asked to take her picture.

who knows?

we never know what people carry around with them, do we?
but she was rocking those orange corduroy pants and bright pink scarf.
from the neck down... to me, she looked happy.


Cait said...

I always think its so peculair being at the doctor's office. The people you meet. And when they open up. Its almost like a party and then its your turn to see the doctor.

Great pic.

Heidi said...

It's true - the face doesn't quite match up with the outfit. Maybe the clothes will be contagious.....you're right, you never know what's really going on with someone. Maybe she wasn't sure the orange pants went with the pink scarf?