Monday, November 24, 2008

creatively speaking

my friend jenica suggested to me that we each document our creative weekends and post them today. a brilliant idea and honored that she asked me.

here's my creative weekend countdown:

1. because i'm one who can't leave well enough alone, i had to change my blog header yet again (see above). i'm certain that this is probably the 53rd time i've changed it, but i could have worse obsessions. right?

2. i am hosting thanksgiving dinner at my house this year (how did that happen?) and i was trying to figure out centerpieces for the table. i think i will be settling on this one. any other suggestions will be gratefully appreciated...

3. and then i had to take mr. camera out for a little spin seeing as how i have been neglecting him lately. he was appreciative of the fresh air and chance to exercise his shutter blades.

jenica, i think we should do this on a regular basis. it was fun!


jenica said...

oh! it's all so perfect! i LOVE the b&w pic especially. and those centerpieces are great. what a fun weekend. i do think we should keep doing it, as long as you are patient with me! i still don't have mine up. ;-D soon, my pretty, soon.


Heidi said...

I love that centerpiece!

Cait said...

Love the center piece. You and Mr. Camera are getting to be really good friends.

Stay creative.

oh, and thanks as always for commenting.