Monday, August 25, 2008

sunday, august 10, 2008 sitka, alaska

sitka is a quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem. at least that's what all their t-shirts said. i thought it was just charming. there is a lot of russian history here and it is truly evident in most of the architecture. seriously feening for a good cup of coffee at this point and luckily we got one here in a great little independent coffee shop. i had seriously begun to hallucinate that i was seeing starbucks signs on the side of the mountains.

we went to a salmon hatchery and for a hike in the national forest. at the end of the trail, we watched hundreds of huge salmon leaping out of the lake like the craziest ballet i've ever seen. a really nice day.


tracy and dawn said...

So did Mr. NTM dive in and try to catch one of the salmon in his teeth? Or did he get to use one of his hand-tied flies this time?

dawn said...

no diving in to use his teeth (although i'm sure he wanted to) but his man parts got all warm and tingly! hahahaha!