Friday, June 27, 2008

a. smart as a whip
b. very cute
c. needs a prescription for benzodiazepines due to extreme neurosis
d. poop eating disordered
e. sneezes backwards
f. legs longer than tail

a. sweet, sweet disposition
b. also very cute
c. dumb as rocks
d attachment disordered
e. possesses a very feminine walk (as in bow wow chicka bow wow)
f. tail longer than legs


TracyMama said...

I bet M. appreciates the way you protect her anonymity. She wouldn't want her blueblood ancestors to know about her closeted poop-eating. Why do you think poor G is attachment disordered? Maybe that rogue peace lily did some psychological damage back when she had that long-ago houseplant buffet!

Dawn said...

haha! the infamous peace lily incident! remember the hand lotion had something to do with it too! lol! i looked up doggy attachment disorder in the DSM and her picture was there. i can't even go to the bathroom without being supervised by her!