Wednesday, March 7, 2012

it's what we always think we need to strive towards.....
that we can somehow attain it if we just try hard enough....
that a certain amount of space and time will yield us this magical

when honestly,
sometimes all we can really expect of ourselves is resolution at best.

and i think that's okay.


Live More Now said...

Aaaah, yes. That always yet-to-be-attained goal of acceptance! Maybe we just have to accept that we don't always have to accept? Sometimes, we just survive, resolve, or get by and that's enough! :) Beautiful, as always, Dawn, and LOVE the imagery.

Lynn said...

One beautiful aspect of age is....less striving "to be....." and truly enjoying "just being", right here, right now. Saw your piece if winter issue of Artful Blogger and wanted to visit. So glad I did. Lovely blog.