Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i think i've finally realized
that what it might be all about
is trying to run a course of direction through the space of life
without running off the road trying to read the map


Sleec Photos said...

Oh boy...this reminds me too much of the time I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle. This big old grill coming right at me. A long time ago...but never forgotten.

Sam said...

Goodness Dawn. I think this might be an all time favorite for me. I am speechless. xx

Linda Sue said...

Yup- it's like we are participants in this big party being thrown for all of us but some folks just wring their hands in the corner fretting over who is going to foot the bill or be on the clean up committee, making sure that they do not make a social blunder, reading the rules, straightening their ties, making sure that they do not dance in a corny manner...I know people like this...not me, mind you!

deb did it said...

your photos are stunning. I am happy to met you here. I will return