Wednesday, June 22, 2011

they say there are seven natural wonders of the world,
but for me,
by far,
there are so many more.......

the way a tree arches into the sunlight
and throws its shadow
across the landscape.....

the impeccable design of a bird's nest,
flawlessly executed.....

the dreamlike beauty of a
little girl
twirling in a pink

there are so many more ways to wonder than seven.


lisa said...

I agree with you Dawn. There are so many more than just seven. Wonderful post and beautiful photograph!

Lenoirrr said...

And you are one of those...

I wish I could buy your book, put it aside my bed and every evening before I fall asleep, read one poem and view one image. I would wake up conscious for things around me, refreshed and peaceful.

xoxoxo Thank you Dawn.

t does wool said... many ,more.