Sunday, September 12, 2010

is it harder
to be

there is a time to leave.
there is a time to be left.

i'm just having difficulty
understanding which it is
that i am doing


t does wool said...

hmm...good question...the hurt is both sort it out..xoxo

Stephanie said...

When my Mom died two years ago I experienced this same thing. Live in the in between and let that be OK for awhile. You do have to grieve for both the loss of the loved one and the feeling of being left. You will make it through and with grace Dawn. You are in my prayers.

Sleec Photos said...

I hope and pray you find your way and the happiness you deserve. I miss you already.
XOXOXO Suzanne

Linda Sue said...

Way more hurty to be left behind- leaving is sort of exciting - left behind is dismal...abandonment issues are hard core!If I had died before my Mom I would just be on some other lark but being left , without her warm presence ,makes me sad every bloody day...and she is off on a lark...

sandra said...

...thinking of you...with all my love. xo

Live More Now said...

I hope your journey through the leaving or the being left behind, whichever it turns out to be, leaves you ultimately with peace. Hang in there. xoxox

Heidi said... for thought. You're so good at that...stirring up thoughts and emotions. I like your thought-provoking ways.

Thinking of you...

Char said...

to me there is beauty in not the leaving but the thereafter - beauty and peace. so though the leaving is hard and difficult, the reward is peace. i have to believe that. the being left behind sucks most of all. (hugs)

from one left behind...i understand.

lisa said...

I just found your blog, and it is wonderful. Your photography is amazing!!

twntygreydays said...

this picture is cute cute! i like the colors