Thursday, March 18, 2010


i smelled freshly cut grass
i wore pink
i thought about calling in sick to work
i sneezed........a lot
i wondered how the sky could be so blue
i heard birds singing
i drove with my sun roof open
i watched pink cherry blossoms wave against puffy white clouds

and so it begins.
hello again, spring.

you're a sight for sore eyes


3yearshousewife said...

OH, lovely, don't forget to look ahead while driving.
This year the blossoms are yet to bloom. A little cold lately. They shy awa. Blue sky has made some appearance though.
Enjoy spring.

Leenie said...

Yay Spring! Yay driving with the sun roof open. Yay tree blossoms. We're not there yet...we do have robins. Blossoms won't show up for another month. But it is good to know they are on their way. (love the chick photo)

夾克 said...

good post..................................................

Cait said...

sounds wonderful! Still a cold wind from the North West here..we had snow last night. A cold cold morning..but the sun sort of came out and I went to eat German friend with my parents.

I did get to see a Single Man and I really loved it..even the ending which I know a lot of people did not like the story. Well, from what I heard in the theater. I did see Alice and wonderland in 3 D. It was cool that way. Now my friends want to see Clash of the Titans in 3D. I did see Remember Me. Honestly, I was upset with the ending. I found the story..just a little tooo much. I could think of lots of way to make it more interesting..naturally.

There is a movie coming out..dunno when..HOWL with James Franco as Ginberg. It looks really interesting.

I know I should get back to Blue Hearts..but I'm not sure I'm ready to start trouble for any of the characters as of yet.

Sleec Photos said...

Spring is here in a big way. Even the Wisteria is beginning to bloom. Now if I could only get rid of the itchy eyes...not the eyes...just the itch!

Heidi said...

Pretty, pretty! Yay Spring!