Tuesday, January 12, 2010

it might be time for glasses when:

1. you end up calling tokyo when you're ordering a pizza
2. you check the number and then call tokyo again
3. you answer the phone in your best sexy voice complete with invitation for naughtiness and then realize the name you read was not your husband's but the pharmacy calling to tell you that your prescription is ready
4. you realize you're wearing purple socks with brown pants when you get into the office because "the light is better there"
5. you successfully rationalize to yourself that you're not really getting older and need glasses but that you just want to make a fashion statement
6. people tell you that they're getting tired of you asking "is this a 9 or a 7?"
7. you set the restaurant on fire when you hold your tea light up close to the menu in an effort to get enough liight to read it


Char said...

LOL Im so with you.

3yearshousewife said...

Hahaha, very funny.
I'm with glasses since 12 and misplacing them is a nightmare and without them I'd probably do the same thing you did.

RNSANE said...

That it too funny ( well, not so funny if you truly have trouble seeing ). Now, at 65, I definitely need my glasses more. Once they were merely for distance, now I can use a bit more help!

Tracy said...

Bahahhaaaa! OK, you made me snort my mint green tea up my nose on that one. Don't worry, girly, you definitely have that sexy-librarian thing going on with your cool specs. xo

Linda Sue said...

Picking up a catapillar from the walkway to save it from being trampled only to realize that it came from the back end of an animal. Happened just yesterday! and i was wearing my glasses!

Sleec Photos said...

So funny, but you look great in glasses. I agree with the sexy librarian look. I suppose I've been old since I turned 19 as that's when I first started doing bookkeeping and went from 20-20 to...I forget. BUT, if you need someone to read the menu without the tea light, I'm your girl...I can see perfectly close up.

Live More Now said...

ha ha ha ha!!! This is so funny, because I tried on a friend's glasses the other day, and I was like WOW. Woooooow.

Time for an eye appt!

(and no more fires with tea lights in cute restaurants!)

Heidi said...

'you realize you're wearing purple socks with brown pants when you get into the office because "the light is better there"'

That made me laugh!

clover said...

Hehehe! Last time without my glasses in a restaurant, I stared at the menu for more than a few seconds before realizing (after some of my table companions, I'm sure!) that I had it upside down.