Saturday, December 5, 2009

i'm pretty sure that
my christmas button is broken.
i keep
pushing it
pushing it.

and nothing happens.

no warm fuzzies
or holiday cheer.
my heart isn't bursting with
altruistic tidings
all things christmas to humankind.

i think the connecting wires
severed and pulled apart.

does anyone know a good repairman?

because i'm definitely in need.


RNSANE said...

Oh, Dawn, I do think I could use the repairman myself or, maybe, I need to check in at the Christmas Clinic for an infusion of Santa Spirit, IV, please.

Leenie said...

I just keep asking, "Who's birthday is it, anyway? Does anyone remember what the party is about?"

Your picture is superb.

Cait said...

You need snow or Manneheim Steamroller to turn you on..hahahaha. But know just how you feel. Stay warm and cozy to those closest to you. Staying in bed a lot longer helps too, but I never have time.

Anonymous said...

I so completely understand. I went from not being excited to out-and-out HATING the season for the past 7 years. This is the first year where I've felt even a little excited and have put on Christmas music of my own volition. You two should come up here! The kids' excitement is sure to rub off on you!

beth said...

I just blogged about this myself....a day ago...and Im so glad when others can relate to how we feel...

so I'm right there with you....broken button and all !

Heidi said...

I'm into it all, but it all feels too rushed. I loathe feeling stressed about something that's supposed to be fun.

I'm sorry you're having the xmas blahs. It happens to the best of us.

Ocean Lotus said...

this is a funny post, i'm right there with you...someone forgot to put my holiday cheer on my shoulder...too clever.